Bath Resurfacing

Bath Resurfacing

Bath resurfacing is also referred to as Bath re enamelling, Bath enamelling and Bath restoring.

So what is involved in resurfacing your bath?
1. Preparation of the surface of the bath includes sanding, removal of impurities such as candle wax, solidified soap, basically anything that will reduce adhesion.
Any chips in the enamel are repaired and smoothed off. The preparation process is complete following degreasing to ensure optimum adhesion of the new surface.
2. The bathroom is masked off.
3. Application of a bonding agent and etch primer.
4. Application of top coats, three in total.
5. Removal of masking and silicone sealant applied around bath if required.

How long does it take?
The process of resurfacing your bath is normally complete within 8 hours.

How soon can I use my resurfaced bath?
Twenty four hours after completion.

How much does it cost to resurface my bath?
There are various factors to take into account when resurfacing a bath so please get in touch